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HELLO cash flow

turn your unpaid invoices into immediate cash

If you're like most business owners, you shopped maybe two or three finance

companies before you made a choice. With hundreds of options out there,

what are the chances you got the best deal? Probably slim to none. 


All factoring companies are not created equal. Each company has it's own

sweet spot. Some are transporation experts, some manufacturing, and some

specialize in the service industry. 


TRIADBusinessCapital has hundreds of affiliates in all the major sectors. We

consult with you, and together we determine exactly what you need at this

point in your business life cycle. Then we do the leg work. We use our technology to get your unique situation out to hundreds of factoring and finance companies. Imediately you'll have hundreds of companies competing for your business. That means tens of thousands of dollars in savings period. ​


Oh... and the best part, is we handle all the calls so you can focus on your business. 


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