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Credit Card Receivables

Credit card receivables, also known as credit card factoring, is a viable source of financing to small businesses unable to receive traditional loans. Credit card receivable services take a look at a business's credit card sales to determine its feasibility, then advance capital based on predicted future credit card sales.

Unlike traditional lenders, providers of credit card receivables consider a business's future credit card sales an asset. These companies purchase a percentage of predicted credit card sales at a discounted rate. When it is time for credit card processors to collect on credit card sales, they are directed to transfer a predetermined fixed percentage along to the credit card factoring companies. Credit card receivable financing services provide cash advances up to $300,000, which small business owners can use to expand operations, fund marketing efforts or put toward other business needs. Whether you are a restaurant owner, a retailer or an entrepreneur in general, you can take advantage of credit card receivable factoring specifically for your business. 1. Find credit card factoring for restaurants. 2. Find credit card factoring for retailers. 3. Find credit card factoring for service providers and entrepreneurs.

Get credit card receivable financing for restaurants

When factoring credit card receivables, credit card financing services particularly look to restaurants because restaurants tend to process a lot of credit card sales. Some providers don't even require a fixed rate schedule and will allow a flexible payment scale based on monthly sales. If you are a restaurateur, find one of the many credit card receivable factoring services that specifically offer restaurant cash advances.

Obtain credit card receivable financing for retailers

Credit card factoring services provide retailers advances for the same reason they provide advances to restaurants - lots of credit card sales.

Find credit card receivable financing for service providers and entrepreneurs

Since 92% of small businesses can't get money from banks for various reasons, credit card receivable financing is especially useful to service providers and other small entrepreneurs as a quick alternative funding resource.

  • Don't confuse credit card factoring with accounts receivable factoring, where invoices - not credit card receivables - are purchased at a discount before their due date in exchange for cash payment. Businesses use this funding for quick capital as well.

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